The dreaded day had arrived.  The day of the cluster meeting.  My Chairman informed me that he would be picking us up at 8 am.  Eight am my body cried out in horror, that meant I would be half asleep, irritable with my coffee morning ration.  However, by some miracle and preplanning, I made it for 8 am.

At 9.30am we arrived at the Scarborough Lifeboat Station, for me, somewhat blurry eyed and attempting bushy tailed. Thankfully the bracing sea air helped my sleep addled mind to comprehend the forthcoming meeting.

Once fortified with Coffee and breakfast, yes I had come partially prepared with breakfast and nibbles. I was ready for the meeting.

Some two and half hours mind blown later, five of my colleagues and myself were given the guided tour of Scarborough’s new Lifeboat, the recently installed Shannon Class.   Not surprisingly this was more fascinating that the cluster meeting! Now imagine my enthusiasm if I could have felt those 510 bhp engines and felt the 30 knotts. Wish I’d been on those sea trials!


Scarborough’s Shannon Lifeboat “The Frederick William Plaxton.”