The rain blew across the North Sea, the clouds scuttled by, and out appeared the sun, resulting in a beautiful warm sunny day. The visitors came, the deputy mayor made a guest an appearance, and when one thought it’ couldn’t get any better what happened, the fly past happened, not just one, but three, a tornado, a spitfire and the UK’s only flyable Lancaster.

The open garden event was extremely successful, raising £582.  Well done to everyone who attended and especially to those kind ladies serving cream teas.

The following pictures, show the RNLI Humber and Holderness funding raising branch in action, and the fabulous gardens of Maurice & Linda Beevers, of 35 Hollym Road, Withernsea.  The gardens are an absolute credit to the couple and have given me some ideas for my developing garden, don’t think it will be anything like theirs.

The following pictures are the aircrafts that flew over.