As the country gets to grip with this cold snap, yes a little bit of snow has fallen and as per usual, the country comes to a standstill. While I continue to shake my head in disbelief, stop and think about our Lifeboat Crews up and down the country, who drop everything and dash to the Lifeboat Station, in all weathers.

All weathers? Yes, even the Lifeboat Stations get snowed in! Thought I’d share these photographs taken from the RNLI Humber Lifeboat.




Street Collection.



On the Wednesday 6th December 2017, It was a freezing cold day but five brave members of the RNLI Humber and Holderness fundraising branch braved the cold for around five hours and collected £247.29.

Well done to you.

Distant Collection Boxes.

IMG-7593.JPGJohn Fuller presenting an RNLI Thank You Certificate to Kalum Crowson.


One of the esteemed collectors saying thank you to Spain’s “Quesada Fish & Chip Restaurant” at Quesada and Villa Martin, in Torrevieja, Alicante, Spain. Who have collected £605 or 690 EUROS over a period of two years.



Support our Crews



Holderness Gazette

Nice to seek they got the article to press, can’t say the same for the Barnsley Chronicle.



RNLI Barnsley Calling.

Deep in the suburbs of Barnsley, surrounded by stately homes, museums, theatres, ruins and art galleries; On a Saturday afternoon, a group of people gathered to raise funds for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI).  The event was organised by the Secretary of the Barnsley Branch of the RNLI and was attended by the committee, along with friends and neighbours.  That afternoon they raised the sum of £516.00

RNLI Barnsley is an inshore Fundraising Branch for the RNLI; it was decided that the money raised would be donated to the RNLI Withernsea Lifeboat Station to benefit their station.


RNLI Barnsley Chairperson Mrs Sue Cameron handing Martin Woodhouse the presentation cheque.

So, on a sunny but windy day, Friday 20th October 2017, the committee of the RNLI Barnsley Fundraising branch visited  RNLI Withernsea Lifeboat Station.   When they arrived at the Lifeboat Station, they were greeted by their equivalent the RNLI Humber and Holderness Fundraising Branch and the RNLI Withernsea Lifeboat Station Crew.

After Tea and Coffee, and a talk was given by Martin Woodhouse, the Lifeboat Operations Manager, the Barnsley Branch presented a cheque for £516 to Martin and his crew, followed by a light lunch organised by the RNLI Humber & Holderness Branch.


Martin Woodhouse explaining the workings of the Inshore “Henley Eight” Lifeboat.

And a detailed breakdown of the Lifeboat man’s outfit.


We Need a Box Collector, how are you fixed?

Collection box Volunteer – Can you help?

The RNLI has a network of local fundraising branches organising a wide range of activities and events which last year raised £14 million to save lives at sea. Each branch and guild is supported by a Community Fundraising Manager although the range and frequency of fundraising events is determined by the branch members themselves.

Becoming part of your local fundraising branch could offer you an opportunity to improve your CV, meet new people, learn new skills or just have fun with fundraising in your community.   Some of our branch members have been volunteering for many years, some just join us for a few months – whatever their commitments allow.

We are currently looking for motivated people to join our local network in Hull and surrounding areas and we have a specific vacancy detailed below:

Do you like getting out and about meeting people and developing relationships as well as having basic numeracy skills? If so, the role of Volunteer Box Collector might be for you. Emptying current RNLI collecting boxes and then counting and recording the income and saying thank you to our supporters is all part of this role. If you can also seek out new locations to place the RNLI collecting boxes this will be a bonus!

This is a great opportunity to really make a difference by raising vital funds for our volunteer crew members and lifeguards.

For more information please contact Amy Casbolt on 07827 957 086 or email





Community News



The RNLI Humber and Holderness Fundraising Group, which fundraises on behalf of the Spurn and Withernsea Lifeboats and the Lifeguards on our Blue Flag beaches have recently held three very satisfactory fundraising events.


The first was a joint event with Withernsea Scouts on Sunday 20 August at the Valley Gardens in Withernsea with delicious homemade cakes and RNLI souvenirs for sale. This was a very family orientated event and also featured an Open Day at the RNLI Withernsea Lifeboat Station, a Rescue At Sea display with the RNLI Withernsea, RNLI Humber & Coastguard Helicopter and a Raft Race.


The second event was a Garden Party hosted by Mr and Mrs Redfern of Hornsea on Saturday 26 August where invited families, friends and neighbours enjoyed a sun-filled afternoon with scrumptious food (including more cakes), drinks and entertainment from the wonderful Adrini Sisters. The afternoon raised the magnificent sum of £1,157.23.


The third event was a Fashion Show held in conjunction with Klass at Hornsea Freeport on Wednesday evening 13 September. Food and drinks were included in the £5 ticket and eight models showed off a wonderful selection of Autumn clothes for every occasion. Ginny Smith’s anecdotes and comments as she introduced the models and their outfits added an extra dimension to a fun-filled evening. The evening raised £258.51 plus a further £123.10 was taken in souvenirs and a big thank you to Klass who have agreed to donate a further 20% from all the clothing that was purchased on the evening (TBA). Thanks to all the ladies at Klass for their help and to everyone who supported all the events so ensuring their success.


September Events

After the hectic weeks of August has now passed by, the events continue.  Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd saw our Souvenirs Secretary spend time at the Bunker.

Last Saturday 8th September, the RNLI Withernsea Lifeboat Station hosted their own function.  A small gathering filled the Meridian Centre. Surprised myself at the number of tracks I recognised.




Klass Ladies fashion wear held their third fashion show in aid of the RNLI Humber and Holderness.  This time the organisers wanted to host something a little extra special, and they contacted Kate Moss.  Sadly, the organisers were informed that Ms Moss was previously engaged and wouldn’t be able to appear for the RNLI.  After the RNLI committee heard the sad news, eight willing volunteers offered their services free of charge for the evening, and what a night was had!

The following photos are some of our fantastic models:


A special thanks to the ladies who served refreshments and nibbles.


As a result of the night’s events, the following will be possible:- 2016 Crew Kit



26th August, Open Garden, Hornsea.

Hornsea, home to the once famous Hornsea Pottery, now known for its beach and caravan park, but as we venture further into the residential part of the town, Hornsea holds another secret.  No, I’m not talking about the fantastic Golf Course, the Freeport or the Famous Fish and Chip shop, but a well loved resident, one of the RNLI Humber and Holderness Fundraising Branch members.  Mrs Lynda Redfern.

Each year Mr & Mrs Redfern hosts an open garden in aid of the RNLI and this years event, went without a hitch, even the weather played its part and the invitees arrived, to indulge in sandwiches, cakes, desserts and of course the famous Ginny’s Caribbean Punch.